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In 2021 and 2022, the YTILI Fellowship Program will engage a cohort of young European entrepreneurs in program activities to enhance the transatlantic dialogue between business leaders from Europe and the United States and create sustained, cross-cultural collaboration.

YTILI Program Goals

  • Mutual Understanding

    YTILI deepens cross-cultural understanding through fellowship placements, dinner hospitality, community service, cultural activities, and reciprocal exchanges.

  • Transatlantic Partnership Building

    YTILI creates a dynamic network of leaders that supports entrepreneurial partnerships between the people of Europe and the United States through networking events, international conferences, and alumni engagement.

  • Leadership & Entrepreneurial Skill Development

    YTILI commits to providing quality fellowship placements and expert-led curricula to inspire Fellows to grow their businesses in size and impact, and drive positive change in the economic ecosystems in their home communities.

  • Sustainable Professional Exchange & Collaboration

    YTILI provides Fellows with opportunities to engage before, during, and after the U.S. Fellowship to collaborate and share ideas, approaches, and strategies to continue to improve their business or social ventures.

YTILI Program Activities

  • U.S. Fellowship

    March 2022 - April 2022

    YTILI Fellows will spend five weeks in the United States and experience entrepreneurship in action in one of nine U.S. cities through a fellowship placement. Each Fellow will participate in and observe the operations of a host U.S. organization from his or her business sector. Through collaboration with their fellowship host organizations, Fellows will accelerate their commercial and social ventures’ success by developing action plans to carry out upon their return to their home communities.

  • Entrepreneurship Curriculum

    November 2021 - March 2022 and June 2022 - September 2022

    The Entrepreneurship Curriculum will provide YTILI Fellows the opportunity to connect their entrepreneurial knowledge and their leadership mindset through both virtual and in person components. Designed by WorldChicago, DePaul University (Chicago, IL) and GEA College (Ljubljana, Slovenia), the curriculum will include a series of synchronous and asynchronous seminars and workshops before, during, and after the U.S. Fellowship to give practical insights into growing a business or organization.

  • U.S. Based Conferences

    March 2022 & April 2022

    The U.S. Fellowship will launch with an Opening Conference in Chicago, IL in March 2022. YTILI Fellows will participate in an orientation, workshops, seminars, and one-on-one dialogues. From these critical conversations, Fellows will discover how the resilient tools of entrepreneurship and innovation have launched an economic rebirth as they prepare for their U.S. fellowship placement. Following their fellowship placement, Fellows will reassemble in Washington, D.C. for a Closing Conference to collaborate, share their experiences, and network with business and social entrepreneurial leaders and U.S. government representatives.

  • Innovation Summit & Reciprocal Exchange

    September 2022

    Reconvening in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2022 for a Regional Innovation Summit, Fellows and fellowship hosts will engage in professional development, mentorships, networking, and alumni activity. U.S. fellowship hosts will have the opportunity to attend the Innovation Summit as American participants to continue their entrepreneurial growth through reciprocal exchanges to their Fellows' home communities. WorldChicago will also make small grants available for Fellows, now YTILI Alumni, to promote the expansion of entrepreneurship throughout Europe.

YTILI Program Details

  • Small Grants

    YTILI Fellows will have the opportunity to apply for small grants to realize their action plans and continue to foster the program goals of promoting transatlantic partnerships, enhancing entrepreneurial skill development, and sustaining professional exchange and collaboration beyond their fellowship experience.

  • Housing

    Fellows will stay in suite-style long-term stay accommodations for the duration of their U.S. fellowships. Fellows will commute to and from their fellowship host organizations by public transportation.

  • Cultural Activities & Community Service

    YTILI Fellows will participate in various cultural activities and acts of community service to supplement their U.S. fellowship placements and expand their understanding of their host communities. Through these activities, Fellows will connect with community leaders and cultural representatives from the U.S. and engage in transatlantic dialogues.

  • U.S. Fellowship Placement Outline

    Each YTILI Fellow will work in his or her host organization's office Monday through Thursday for four weeks during the U.S. Fellowship. Fellows can contribute to and learn from the host organizations in a variety of ways, including projects, meetings in the field, job shadowing, or independent research. Fellows will continue their entrepreneurship curriculum and participate in community service on Fridays.

YTILI Program Frequently Asked Questions

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